Slow European commission: Bulgarian farmers lost BGN 900 million


The caretaker Minister of Agriculture, Yavor Gechev, accused the European Commission that, because of its slow and sluggish work, Bulgarian farmers lost BGN 800-900 million. The reason for his comment to bTV was his request from yesterday that Bulgaria is considering stopping the import of Ukrainian grain and food. Poland and Hungary have already announced such a measure.

He recalled that in September he made a first request to the EC to consider how to evenly distribute grain, sunflower and other raw materials from Ukraine to all countries of the European Union. Thus, they would not stop their way in the countries of the eastern flank, which already had enough imported food from Ukraine.

The European Commission works slowly and sluggishly. We have the right to internal solidarity, but there is none. It’s been a long time since September, and we have to protect our own economy. Our farmers have lost BGN 800-900 million. The member countries are already waiting for 6-7 months for the EC to decide whatever. What should we do? Let the Bulgarian farmers go bankrupt,” Gechev said.

According to him, all this is starting to interfere with relations with Ukraine. He clarified that no one wants the corridors to be stopped and Ukrainian grain and food to be imported into the EU, but to be evenly distributed and not to stop in one country.

The Minister of Agriculture added that he expects the caretaker government’s proposal to cap mark-ups up to 10% to be accepted by the new parliament.

We have given good examples of the distortion of the market and I think the time has come for this to happen. We have a draft law, we have ready amendments to the law and we are waiting for the formation of the parliamentary committees in order to submit our proposal directly to the deputies,” said Gechev.

Source: novinite