Romania will profit from Black Sea energy from Azerbaijan


Romania is very interested in strengthening relations with Azerbaijan, as well as in the benefits that the country will receive as a result of building a submarine cable under the Black Sea to deliver electricity.

Radu Carp, professor at the Faculty of International Relations, Security Studies and Public Policy of the University of Bucharest, told Report .

According to him, this project is an example of how two EU member states, Romania and Hungary, can work well with two non-EU states, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

“I think that now the European Union is aware of the importance of the Black Sea region as an energy hub,” he added.

The political scientist stressed that the first high-level meeting of representatives of Georgia, Romania, Azerbaijan and Hungary, which took place in Tbilisi, is a very important step forward: “Now there is a feasibility study and readiness to build the longest submarine cable in the world.”

Radu Carp noted that in order for the project to be completed, many serious EU companies will be involved in it, which is a good aspect for the Black Sea region.

“These companies will work in close contact with the authorities of Azerbaijan and Georgia,” the expert said.

The political scientist also believes that there is a real opportunity to integrate Moldova into this energy hub.

Source: report