Serbia – Visit the heart of South-East Europe


From beautiful Belgrade to gorgeous Golubac, Serbia offers amazing options to explore

People mostly travel as observers. They visit an exotic place, have a good time, capture pictures and return home to share their experiences and snaps with friends and gradually step back into the daily mundane routine till they plan and mark the calendar for their next trip.

I wanted to do something different by becoming an active participant as a traveller and jot down my experiences and insights digitally to show you the world in a different light. So here I am in Serbia, an enticing country, located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula.

The first leg of the journey got me to Belgrade, Serbia’s capital city. It has a plethora of places to visit, with the Belgrade Fortress being an iconic option. One of the most important historical monuments in Serbia, the fortress sits above the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. The city has the reputation of being one of the greenest in Europe, which is quite evident from its beautiful and spacious parks full of trees. The city never sleeps, and one can find eateries of all kinds open all day long, which is the best part of the visit for tourists like me.

Since most people speak English, I didn’t have trouble communicating, in fact the conversation was always welcomed by generous and hospitable people at every corner. Interacting with locals, I could gather the information that year-by-year Serbia was continually creating new infrastructure, hosting new events and growing economically. Belgrade is the city of grand museums, with the National Museum, Military Museum, Tesla Museum, Aeronautical Museum and the House of Flowers to name a few. The city has numerous attractive churches and St. Sava is the largest in Serbia, and the second-largest Orthodox church in the world.

Belgrade preserves the spirit of the city through its oldest streets. Skadarlija is one of the city’s most beautiful streets, famous for its old restaurants, energetic musicians and bohemian culture. Knez Mihailova Street, with its architectural marvels, street dances, street art and souvenir shops is the most visited by tourists.

A visit to Belgrade is incomplete without a stopover at Zemun, defined by its small-town atmosphere. Take a walk on the crowded Zemun promenade, along the Danube bank, or just sit down, relax and savour some amazing fish specialties while enjoying traditional folk music. And if you are in the mood, climb those few steps up to the Gardos Tower, the jewel in Zemun’s crown and be ready to be amazed at the vista that unfurls.

My last phase of journey ended at magical Golubac, the ultimate tourist destination in Serbia. The Danube River is a natural border between Golubac and Romania. Many tourists are unaware of this fairy tale land and the means to reach it. The bus company, Arriva Litas [air-conditioned coach bus] operates buses between Belgrade and Golubac, a journey that takes hardly two-and-a-half to three hours. A tour of the Golubac Fortress will offer a fair idea to tourists about both ancient and modern Serbia. A short catamaran ride on the gigantic Danube will see you reach the medieval fort Golubac, which can be explored at a 360 degree angle. This romantic and historically significant city is also a haven for adventure-seeking tourists.

My five-day trip to Serbia ended on a joyful note. I got to connect with the youth and Serbia’s senior citizens, and learn about their culture, history and food. This was an unforgettable trip as the impressions will suffice for a lifetime. So, for a great time out, be sure to pick Serbia when thinking about your next trip abroad. It will also cost you only a fraction of the price you’d pay to travel to other, more expensive European countries. Moreover, visa is free on arrival for UAE citizens.

Source: Gulf News