Israeli Foreign Minister Cohen talks Iranian threat with Italian FM


Israel’s Foreign Minister Eli Cohen met with his Italian counterpart Antonio Tajani Thursday evening in Rome.

Cohen said they discussed the expansion of cooperation between their two countries in the fields of security, economy and energy and the joint fight against the reign of terror in Tehran. “Italy is one of the leading countries in Europe,” said Cohen, “and has a great influence in the international arena. The relationship between the countries will contribute to the interests of both nations, and will strengthen the position of the State of Israel.”

Cohen said he thanked the Italian government and Foreign Minister Teyani personally for supporting the State of Israel in international forums and for his efforts to promote and strengthen the relations between the countries.

Tajani said that he reiterated to Minister Cohen the “strong friendship that has always bound Italy to Israel on a political and economic level. Israel’s security is our priority, sympathy for the vile terrorist attacks in recent weeks.”

Source: The Statesman