Iranian MP says MKO seeks new haven in Italy


“Although the nature and identity of this terrorist group are clear to all countries, including in Europe, the Italian Parliament held a meeting with the chieftain of this terrorist group, something that the Islamic Republic of Iran condemned,” Shahriar Heidari, a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission at the Iranian parliament told local Iranian media on Saturday.

Heidari said that the Italian Parliament showed that their claim on support for human rights is nothing but a lie, adding that it became clear that the MKO terrorist group is trying to rebuild itself after their base in Albania was attacked by the Albanian police over their illegal activities.

Condemning a number of Italian parliamentarians’ support for the terrorist group, he said, “The support of those lawmakers for those terrorist criminals is a clear example of their attempts to incite and encourage terrorism.”

“Moreover, all civilized governance mechanisms in the world emphasize the punishment of terrorists, which the Italian Parliament did not comply with,” he added.

Heidari stated that the Italian Parliament’s support for terrorism undermines Rome’s constructive relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, noting that the Iranian people will not forget that move.

He further called on Rome to revise its policy towards the MKO terrorists. 

The lawmaker went on to call on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to diplomatically pursue the issue on the international stage.

He also called on the Iranian judicial system to file a lawsuit in international courts

Source: Mehr News