Bulgarians will transport the Holy Fire from Jerusalem


Bulgarian church delegation will go to Jerusalem to bring the Holy Fire for Easter – after a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It will be led by Metropolitan Kiprian of Stara Zagora and is expected to arrive at Sofia Airport around 8 p.m. The Bulgarian church delegation will be the first to take the blessed fire this year. Before that, it will attend the service in the “Resurrection of Christ” temple in Jerusalem, where the blessed fire, also called holy or heavenly, descends from the sky every year over the grave of Jesus Christ. A blue light appears in the tomb of Christ above the marble slab covering the place where the Savior’s body is believed to have been laid. In the first minutes after ignition, the fire has the unique property of not radiating heat and not burning. The Holy Fire will be carried from the airport to the chapel of the Synodal Palace in Sofia. At 11:40 p.m., the lantern with the Holy Fire will be taken out of the chapel in the Synodal Palace and will be brought to the Patriarchal Cathedral “St. Alexander Nevsky”. President Rumen Radev will also attend the festive service for the Resurrection of Christ in the Patriarchal Cathedral “St. Alexander Nevsky”. In Plovdiv this evening the Holy Fire, which will be welcomed by Plovdiv Metropolitan Nikolay in the Church of Saint Marina. Later, he will lead the service for Resurrection of Christ – Passover in the Assumption Cathedral.

And in Smolyan, the divine fire will be brought by Bishop Vissarion from the Plovdiv Metropolis. The fire will arrive at the “St. Vissarion Smolensk” temple, and the priests from the Smolyan spiritual district will take it to the temples where they serve. In Kardzhali, Father Peter from the central church in Kardzhali “St. George the Victorious” will bring the Holy Fire to the town near Arda, and from here it will spread to other churches in the district.

Source: novinite