Lavrov accused the West of opening a “second front” in Georgia and Moldova


Russia takes into account in its military, political and diplomatic plans the fact that the West is trying to create a “second front” in Georgia and Moldova, as well as the presence of a Polish military contingent on the border with Belarus. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, according to whom the West tried to involve the Georgian leadership in the creation of a “second front”, but the country’s authorities refused to do so.

Many Georgians support Ukraine, but the Georgian government has not imposed sanctions on Russia and refuses to supply arms to Kiev, and politicians from the ruling party often use the term “second front”.

In a lengthy interview quoted by TASS, after the visit to Uzbekistan, Lavrov mobilized the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States , commenting on the refusal to use the dollar in mutual payments in favor of national currencies in world trade as an irreversible process. The Russian Foreign Minister emphasizes the importance of working together with the CIS countries to neutralize security threats, including from the US.

According to Lavrov, the flight from the dollar has already begun, and although it is not yet very fast, it will certainly accelerate. This trend is irreversible.

Also, according to Lavrov, an impetus for the further expansion of economic cooperation within the CIS will be provided by the agreement on free trade in services between the countries, which is about to be signed.”

“The path of sanctions is a path to nowhere. Serious countries and serious politicians draw the relevant conclusions, and these conclusions are categorically in favor of ending dependence on the West, Lavrov explains, arming cooperation, including against the threats that have been created in the sphere of military the biological sphere again from the US.

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