Youth Basketball Event Organizers in Southern California Will Use Sports Thread Age Verification Software for Sporting Event Participation


Several youth basketball organizers in Southern California have signed on to use age verification software created by Sports Thread, a Denver-based company best known for its socially-driven, youth sports community app.

Sports Thread Play Safe is an automated platform that verifies birth certificates, driver’s licenses, passport and other forms of identification in order to ensure eligibility. Upon confirmation of age, the participating athlete will receive a QR code in his or her profile for use at check-in. In addition to forgeries for playing down at younger age groups, this also adds additional surveillance to help ensure athletes don’t play for multiple teams in the same tournament.

Among the early adopters of Play Safe are the SoCal Aces, Focus Basketball, Gameday Sports Academy, Cali Elite, West Coast Warriors and BlackTop 24/7. Also available to these groups are additional tools from Sports Thread, including team registration, scheduling and e-ticketing.

Source: Sporttechie