Vucic Admitted that Serbia Will Join The Imposition of Sanctions Against The Russian Federation


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic allows the imposition of sanctions against Russia, which continues its military aggression against Ukraine.

The head of state “does not swear” that there will be no such restrictive measures in the future, he said in an interview with Happy TV.

“I do not swear that we will not, and I cannot swear, because it would be irresponsible. But the rigidity of our position is such that we have not had to do this until now,” the Serbian president said.

Vucic also noted that Serbia immediately openly stated its position regarding the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine in the country’s Security Council. According to him, Belgrade follows every word and “sometimes pays” for its policy.

Alexander Vucic
Alexander Vucic

“We do not impose sanctions against the Russian Federation, and I wrote a conclusion to the Security Council of Serbia, we conferred on every word, but I wrote them myself, with my own hand. We followed every word and determined the policy of Serbia, for which we sometimes pay,” notes the president.

Source: HVILYA