Tens of Thousands Protested in Belgrade With the Slogan “Serbia Against Violence”


Tens of thousands of Serbs protested last night in the capital Belgrade under the slogan “Serbia against violence“, world agencies reported.

The demonstration was organized by the opposition after the two mass shootings that killed 17 people, including eight children.

The protesters demanded the resignations of the country’s interior minister and the director of the national security agency.

Among their demands is that the Serbian Electronic Media Council revoke the licenses of television stations that broadcast shows and films with violence and vulgar language.

The sea of people, as local media described it, blocked the Gazela Bridge, part of the international highway in Belgrade, for two hours.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic described the protest as a political action, but considered the campaign to collect legal and illegal weapons a great success.

So far, 9,401 weapons, more than 400,000 ammunition and 884 explosive devices have been collected, Vucic said, adding that the operation continues.

Source Novinite