Slovakia: President Caputova wants early elections to be held


Liberal Slovak President Zuzana Caputova yesterday declared herself in favor of holding early elections in 2023, the day after the fall of the centrist government.

Slovak deputies approved Thursday evening the motion of censure against the minority government of Prime Minister Eduard Heger, but without this implying the automatic holding of early elections.

Ms. Caputova formally dismissed the government on Friday, giving it at the same time the limited and temporary power to expedite current affairs, the presidential palace announced.

“There is no political will to form a new government,” Caputova said after the official ceremony.

The Head of State asked Mr. Heger and the Slovak political class to take the necessary measures, by the end of January 2023, to allow Parliament to prepare for early elections which, according to her, should be held in first half of 2023.

“I consider it necessary that snap elections take place in the first half of next year,” she said.

In total, 78 deputies out of 150 voted Thursday in favor of the dismissal of the government of Mr. Heger, requested by his former liberal ally, scrambled particularly with the Minister of Finance Igor Matovic.

The next elections in Slovakia were originally scheduled to be held in February 2024.

Source: AL 24 News