Romania requested Ukraine to drop the “Moldovan language” again


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Bogdan Aurescu, in a telephone conversation with the Ukrainian counterpart Dmitry Kuleba the day before, called on Kyiv to abandon the use of the concept of “Moldovan language”.

About itsaysin a press release from the Romanian Foreign Ministry.

The conversation between Aurescu and Culeba, among other things, touched upon the issue of the rights of the Romanian community in Ukraine and the Ukrainian community in Romania on the basis of previous dialogue agreements.

“Referring to the recent steps taken by Chisinau in pursuance of the decisions of the Constitutional Court of Moldova on the correct definition of the official language of this state – the Romanian language, Aurescu repeated the request to the Ukrainian authorities to take the necessary measures to recognize the non-existence of the so-called “Moldovan language,” the Romanian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. .

Note that the Ukrainian side  reported  only on the discussion of “bilateral and regional issues aimed at strengthening security in the Black Sea region and beyond.”

Source: ua