President Meets Diplomat Corps to Albania on Occasion of New Year


President of the Republic, Bajram Begaj, held a ceremony to welcome the diplomatic corps to Albania.
In his speech, Begaj thanked the NATO allies and the USA for their support and cooperation so that Albania can withstand attacks of various natures to destabilize or damage our country.

Begaj also added that Albanians will remain a factor of peace in the Balkans and promoters of the image of a passionate but non-conflicting Balkans.

“Dear ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps! Dear friends and participants!
First of all, let me wish you and your families a happy and fruitful year in our country! In the following, I want to share with you the concern about the situation in which Europe finds itself and the danger that appears here and there in the Balkans.

I’m talking about the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine, which follows Euro-Atlantic coordination and determination in support of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, its government and the Ukrainian people. Albania remains resolutely on the side of the Ukrainians, actively part and collaborator of the Euro-Atlantic alliance. Our hope is that the conflict ends and the aggressor comes to his senses, realizing that we have enough challenges to face globally, and open wars on the integrity of countries and peoples should not be part of these challenges.

As the President of Albania, I want to speak on behalf of the citizens of my country, I express the national belief in peace, dialogue, democracy, the rule of law and Balkan and European values. In this sense, Albanians will remain a factor of peace in the Balkans and promoters of the image of a passionate, but non-conflicting Balkans”, said Begaj among others.

Source: Albanian Daily News