ID card-only travel soon to be introduced for Countries of the Western Balkans


Once ID card-only travel is made possible in six countries of the region, which should happen by the end of this year, the RCC will begin work on phasing out roaming with the European Union, RTI writes.

The General Secretary of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Majlinda Bregu is convinced that at the beginning of next month three important agreements will be signed.

According to one of them, the citizens of the Western Balkans (WB) will travel in the region only with identity cards. This should be functional by the end of the year. The RCC has already focused on the next step – reducing roaming charges between the Western Balkans and the EU.

Bregu clarifies that the Agreement on Freedom of Movement with an Identification Card in the Western Balkans, the Agreement on the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications and the Agreement on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications for Doctors, Dentists and Architects “are on track to be signed on 3 November at the Summit of the Berlin Process by the six countries of the Western Balkans.

“All citizens of the Western Balkans will finally be treated equally and have the right to travel with ID cards within the territory of the six economies.

We aim to see the first results in reducing data roaming charges by mid-2023; but in order to achieve this objective, the intensified discussions with mobile operators will continue in November and December”, emphasizes Bregu.

Source Sarajevo Times