Hatzidakis: Greece firmly on fiscal stability path


Greece will remain on the road to fiscal stability and “will implement, with determination, the reforms needed to be completed,” Finance Minister Costis Hatzidakis said on Friday. 

Speaking in Brussels after a two-day meeting of the Eurogroup and Ecofin, Hatzidakis presented the priorities of the government’s economic policy, underlining that Greece – based on the progress made in the last four years – will remain on the path of fiscal stability, focusing on combatting tax-evasion and exploiting public assets. 

“After the result of the general elections we have a historic window of opportunity which we are determined to take advantage of, to the benefit of Greek citizens,” he said. 

He pledged that Greece will actively participate in discussions currently under way to revise economic governance regulations, seeking to achieve a balanced agreement that will ensure the reduction of fiscal deficits and public debt without undermining economic growth. 

The minister added: “Greece is no longer the black sheep of Europe and everyone is speaking positively about the country’s progress in the last four years. I presented the priorities of our economic policy and made clear our commitment to continue reforms with the aim to have a more dynamic, productive and exports-based Greek economy, which will create the preconditions that no one is left behind. Regarding the revision of fiscal rules, our position is that ensuring fiscal stability is absolutely essential – but not to the extent that it undermines economic growth in Europe.”

Source: Ekathimerini