Greece Will Truly and Sincerely Always Stand by BiH


Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zukan Helez, spoke today with the Ambassador of Greece to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dimitrios Papandreou. They expressed satisfaction for the opportunity to discuss the relations between the two countries and the need for further and more intensive bilateral and regional cooperation was expressed.

The officials expressed sincere support of Greece to Bosnia and Herzegovina on the path to Euro-Atlantic integration.

Minister Helez thanked Ambassador Papandreou for the support and assistance that this country has been providing to Bosnia and Herzegovina for many years, and the cooperation in the field of education and training of our personnel at military schools in Greece was particularly highlighted, the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced.

They also discussed the importance of BiH’s candidate status for joining the European Union, in which Greece as an EU member played a significant role, for which Minister Helez especially thanked Ambassador Papandreou.

The interlocutors emphasized the importance of the rapid formation of government at the state level and the adoption of the budget of the BiH institutions, which increased the allocations for defense by about 90 million KM, which resulted in the improvement of living and working conditions in the MoD and the Armed Forces of BiH.

Ambassador Papanderou pointed out that due to its values and specificity, as well as its multi-ethnic character, Bosnia and Herzegovina deserves to be admitted to the EU as soon as possible, because Europe also has similar heritage values that would be further refreshed and strengthened by the admission of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Greece is a country that will truly and sincerely always stand by Bosnia and Herzegovina, despite the complex political system, a beautiful and clean horizon is opening before BiH, which promises a better future for all peoples and citizens of this country,” Ambassador Papanderou said.

Source Sarajevo Times