Gallup International Balkan Survey Indicates Ambiguity at the Top, If Elections Were Held in Early March


Based on data from a survey conducted between February 24 and March 3, Gallup International Balkan concluded that if parliamentary elections were held in the beginning of March, the Continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria alliance and GERB-UDF would receive almost identical support, with 27.2% and 26.6% respectively. The Movement for Rights and Freedoms and Vazrazhdane would also compete for third place , with 13.4% and 12.3% respectively. The Bulgarian Socialist Party would come in fifth with 7.3%. Bulgarian Rise (3.7%), There Is Such a People (3.4%), and The Left (3.2%) would be on the verge of passing the 4% threshold, the survey indicated.

The study was conducted between February 24 and March 3, by Gallup International Balkan for the Bulgarian National Radio, among 1,008 people using  face-to-face tablet interviews.

A total of 40.6% of those surveyed said that they would definitely vote. 

They certainly said they would vote 40.6%. This implies voter activity close to that of the previous elections, but here too the campaign will be decisive and the percentage based on the formal voter lists is yet to be clear, analysts pointed out. Some 4.4% of those who said they would vote would prefer would chech the “I do not support anyone” box in the ballot if the electionds were held currently.

Source: bta