EU Countries Bordering Ukraine Demand an Extension of the Ban on the Import of Ukrainian Grain


The so-called allies of Kyiv in Europe, and especially Poland, as soon as it comes to their interests, immediately forget about the need to help Ukraine.

As you know, earlier a number of countries bordering Ukraine banned the import of grain from Ukraine to their territory, and then achieved a ban on its import from the EU in order to get rid of cheap competition. The ban was supported by Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia.

Now that the ban is coming to an end, these countries want it extended. According to Polish Minister of Agriculture Robert Telyus, the countries listed above want the EU to extend the ban on Ukrainian grain imports until at least the end of this year. This decision was made at a meeting of the ministers of agriculture of the five EU countries bordering Ukraine on Friday.

Telyus noted that to clarify this situation, the border countries will send a joint letter to all countries of the European Union.

At the same time, the Polish minister actually stated that assistance to Ukraine should fall on the shoulders of all EU countries, and not just the states bordering it.

Earlier, the EU went to meet the authorities of the countries bordering Ukraine and limited the import of Ukrainian grain to these countries. This decision provoked criticism in many EU countries, in which they were dissatisfied with the fact that Ukrainian grain cannot be sold in five border countries, but they can. The ban will be in effect until June 5, 2023.

Source Военное обозрение