Energy Community Seeks Consultant to Help Contracting Parties Speed Up Introduction of Power Purchase Agreements


The consultant is expected to analyze the legal and regulatory framework of the contracting parties, propose recommendations to address barriers, assess the potential impact of renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) on achieving the 2030 renewables targets and conduct capacity building, according to the public call.

The overall objective of the procurement called Renewables Power Purchase Agreements in the Energy Community is to facilitate the uptake of renewable PPAs in the contracting parties to facilitate the deployment of renewable energy sources needed to meet energy and climate targets as well as provide secure and clean energy to citizens.

The goal is to analyze the legal and regulatory framework within the Energy Community and identify barriers that hinder the implementation and conclusion of renewable PPAs in contracting parties.

The consultant is also expected to propose recommendations to address the barriers including specific amendments to national legislation, identification of preconditions and market mechanisms to enable renewable PPAs, and inclusion of relevant policies and measures in the national energy and climate plans (NECPs).

The advisor should assess the potential impact of renewable PPAs on achieving the 2030 renewables targets, evaluate the role of virtual and cross-border PPAs among contracting parties and with European Union member states, and consider the implications of PPAs in relation to the requirements set by the carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) regulation.

The secretariat stressed that capacity building plays a crucial role in empowering stakeholders to effectively engage in PPAs within the renewable energy sector.

By providing tailored training sessions for renewables financiers, power utilities, and corporates, the objective is to equip stakeholders with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to navigate the complexities of PPAs, the public call reads.

The deadline to submit offers is September 27.

Source : Balkangreenenergy