Due to which Germany changed its position regarding military assistance to Ukraine – political analysis


By hesitating in the supply of weapons to Ukraine, Germany harmed itself and its reputation. Germany had to decide and take a more leadership position in terms of support for Ukraine and in matters of security for the entire EU. This was announced today, on March 12, on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel by Ihor Petrenko, Doctor of Political Sciences, an expert at the United Ukraine analytical center.

According to him, there are many factors why Germany has become more radical in its statements, in its position and in its assistance to Ukraine.

“First of all, obviously, the understanding that the case of Russia is a pipe. Another important point is that Germany has freed itself from the energy fetters of the Russian Federation in many ways. That is, Europe and Germany have diversified supplies, they have learned from bitter experience that Russia may not fulfill its promises and contracts. You will be surprised, but really such an understanding prevailed among them that no matter what happens there, there are contracts, there will be deliveries and so on. And they finally understood what Ukraine was talking about for a long time, what President Zelensky was talking about, that Russia is using energy and gas as a weapon. Therefore, this must be feared, and one must prepare to counteract it. We were not heard then, but now a tremendous colossal work has been carried out. Therefore, there is already a release from it. And if earlier Germany still tried to somehow sit on several chairs, now it understands that the situation has already changed, and they need to accept the new reality, whether they want it or not, ”said Petrenko.

Further, according to the political scientist, this is the work of the American allies of Ukraine on cementing the coalition of democratic countries, the democratic camp and the promises that Germany still needs to decide and takes a more leadership position here in terms of both support for Ukraine and security issues. the entire European Union.

“And, first of all, with an appeal to that position, and that feeling of threats that exist in the Eastern European countries. Since Germany has its own geographical space and its own understanding of the threat, this situation had to be changed. And the French and Germans are the leaders, the locomotives of the European Union. Therefore, it was also important, I think, dialogue with other countries,” he explained.

Another factor is the leadership position of Great Britain, which has very actively begun to deal with problems in Eastern Europe and support Ukraine.

“Assistance in the supply of tanks as they have shown themselves, this is really leadership. And here Germany had to win back – either they again play the pose of an ostrich, hide their heads and do not see the problem, and start playing again: “Well, we saw it here, we didn’t see it here, we are not ready here, we are not ready, but here put. And let’s go first.” All this is the rest. But this has just begun to play into the minus of Germany itself, in its perception by other countries of the European Union. Play, go into resonance with the mood of the German society itself, which is also already tired of such an overly soft approach to the Russian Federation, to the threat it poses, ”says Petrenko.

The political scientist stated that in the issue of supporting Ukraine there is now competition between Germany and Britain.

“Britain no longer has to coordinate its decisions and bureaucratic procedures in the EU. And you have to react. Or Germany, again, faces the risk that it will completely lose its authority in Eastern Europe. But if he loses this authority, a holy place is never empty. And the focus may already be on other players, including Britain. Therefore, it was necessary to react, and they needed to take such a tougher stance. And one more thing that needs to be taken into account is the mood in the European bureaucracy itself, including the leaders of the European Union, no longer at the level of countries, but at the personal level. These are the positions of Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel regarding support for Ukraine. And so it was necessary to reckon with all this. That is, Germany, it could not, after all, go into such resonance with the position of other countries and allies on a global scale and allies in the European Union,” Igor Petrenko summed up.

Source: uatv