Central Asia gives Cuba a “unexpected gift” to solve its energy problems.


If there is anyone in the world that has the capability to tizzy both the West and Russia-China is Turkey. Not the bird, but the nation. The flip-floppy nature of the nation, due to its leader, has made it one of the crucial players in geopolitics. In the Ukraine war, the nation has played a really important role by drawing a fine line and sometimes rebuking both sides. Now, the flip-floppy nation has arrived in Cuba to solve Havana’s energy woes, really unexpectedly but true.

On 1st February, Cuba’s Energy and Mines Ministry announced that a Turkish floating power plant has arrived in Havana Harbor to help with the island nation’s electricity shortages. Reportedly, the floating power plant is a 240 MW power ship plant, which Cuba has leased from the Turkish energy company Karadeniz Holding.

Turkish energy interests in Cuba
Well over the last few months, geopolitical experts have caught the attention that Turkey’s energy expansion in Cuba has risen sharply. At least seven floating power plans, which Cuba had contracted from Turkey, arrived in Cuba till November 2022. The news has served as a glimmer of hope for the Cuban people who have endured protracted blackouts.

Despite having an average useful life of 30 years, the majority of Cuba’s eight CTEs have been in operation for more than 40 years. And hence, Cuba has been mired in day-long blackouts. In some places, daily electricity outages last up to 15 hours. Consequently for Cuba, this strategic matter is quite important.

The benefit of Turkey
On the other hand, these energy deals help Turkey to gain a little ground in America’s backyard. Turkey views the Americas as a potential market for its goods and services and as a source of raw materials and energy. However, Turkey’s engagement with the region is still limited compared to other major global players and it faces competition from other countries, such as China and the European Union, and even USA.

To give you a clear picture, we can say that Turkey has no big hold in the Caribbean. But as soon as the world is changing and the multipolarity of the world has increased, even Turkey has dreams to expand cordial relations with other nations. Turkey loves to play with almost every nation in the world and it eventually succeeds in its goal.

Through Cuba, Turkey can get a wider approach and name in the Caribbean. Whereas, in return, Cuba gets the electricity shortage fixed via Turkey and Russia.

source: tfiglobalnews