BiH Security Minister: Abolish the Ban on the Entry of Intellectuals


The Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nenad Nešić, stated that “many persons, especially intellectuals such as the historian Miloš Ković, are on the list of people banned from entering Bosnia and Herzegovina for political reasons, and that he expects this to change after the meeting with the representatives of the Intelligence and Security Agency (OBA) BiH and the Service for Affairs with Foreigners.”

“In the coming period, we will have a meeting with representatives of the OBA and the Service for Affairs with Foreigners in connection with the ban on the entry of certain persons into the Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. I expect that at that meeting I will see why certain persons are prohibited from entering BiH,” he said.

He expressed expectations that all those persons who do not pose a security threat to Bosnia and Herzegovina will be allowed to enter the country.

“I believe that many people, especially intellectuals like Professor Ković, are on the list for political reasons and the demands of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA),” said Nešić.

He added that he expects all services at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina to do their work professionally, without party interference, and that all decisions are made in accordance with the law.

“I expect that many people, especially intellectuals, will be allowed to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska, that is, that the banning measures will be lifted,” said Nešić.

Let us remind you that in March of last year, the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina did not allow Professor Ković to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Vardište border crossing, with the explanation that he “represents a danger to the security of BiH”. The decision to ban entry was made at the end of February 2022.

Source Sarajevo Times