Balkan Countries Suffer In Southern Europe’s Heatwave


Greek meteorologists said Friday is expected to be the hottest day this year so far, with the temperature reaching 44 degrees Celsius in central Greece and Thessaly.

Early on Friday morning, one tourist lost consciousness in Athens due to the high temperatures during her visit to the Acropolis. After the incident, the antiquities office of the City of Athens announced that the site would remain closed until 5pm.

On Thursday, power outages were recorded in the Athens areas of Zografou, Pagrati and Ilisia. At the same time, the air conditioning had stopped working in the A FEPA student residences of the Kapodistrian University of Athens, a student’s mother told BIRN.

The Greek Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection urged citizens, especially members of vulnerable groups, to avoid exposure to the sun, stay in the shade and consume liquids.

At the same time, it advised state agencies and the local authorities to be ready to deal immediately with the effects of the heat.

The Ministry of Interior announced that civil servants who belong to vulnerable groups should work remotely. Those unable to come to work were given the option of a two-day special leave.

Source : Balkaninsight