As of today, another Bosnian city is wealthy


As of today, Prnjavor is officially a city because the law governing its area, jurisdiction, bodies and financing came into force, the local administration announced.

The mayor of Prnjavor, Darko Tomaš, previously said that Prnjavor deserves the status of a city because constant progress is visible in all fields, as well as that the greatest merit in the entire process of obtaining this status belongs to businessmen and citizens.

The city of Prnjavor is the legal successor of the municipality of Prnjavor, and in accordance with the legal regulations in the coming period, normative-legal acts, an official website, boards with the name of the city will be made and other necessary procedures will be undertaken.

On March 23, the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska adopted the Law on the City of Prnjavor.

Source: klix