Ukraine wakes up to Christmas hell: Explosions hit Kyiv as Putin deploys jets from Belarus


Air raid warnings were also heard across other regions of the country, as Russia appeared to continue its brutal bombardment of Ukrainian cities and towns.

Explosions have been heard in Kyiv, after air sirens went off early in the morning on Christmas Day. The Kyiv city administration urged people to go to shelters after the air alert was announced. Air raid warnings were also heard across other regions of the country, as Russia appeared to be continuing its brutal bombardment of Ukrainian cities and towns.

Nolan Peterson, a former USAF special operations pilot and now war correspondent for the magazine Coffee or Die, tweeted: “It’s Christmas morning — and there’s an air raid alert here in Kyiv and across all Ukraine.”

The mayor of Mykolaiv in the country’s south posted to his official Telegram channel, warning of the sirens.

The Kremlin had previously warned that there would be no let up in its military campaign over the festive period.

According to local media, two explosions were heard in the capital city, one of which was reported to be on the left-bank of the river.

However, there is some confusion as to whether the explosions were caused by missiles or sappers carrying out a demining operation.

Millions of Ukrainians have been left without electricity, water and heating ever since Putin stepped up his attacks on critical civilian infrastructure.

An apartment block in Ukraine after a Russian missile attack (Image: Getty)

Ukrainian officials are worried that the Kremlin is trying to freeze its citizens to death as winter sets in.

It comes as reports also emerged of an increase in Russian military activity in Belarus.

Russian Mig-31s and an IL-76 A-50U early warning aircraft were spotted taking off from military airfields in the country on Sunday morning.

The MiG-31 Foxhound is a long-range, two-seat supersonic interceptor aircraft that can carry up to four long-range Vympel R-33E air-to-air missiles.

The aircraft is also equipped with four short-range R-60MK missiles and two Bisnovat R-40TD1 medium-range missiles.

Ukraine’s army has repeatedly warned of a major Russian military build up in Belarus since the autumn.

Intelligence officials said that the Kremlin is planning to locate up to 20,000 conscripts to its neighbour.

Kyiv’s military fears that the Russian president is preparing to launch another attack on the capital from Belarus in the coming weeks.

Putin’s initial attempt to seize Kyiv in the spring ended in abject failure, as Russian commanders were forced to withdraw their troops.

Russian forces are continuing their efforts to seize more territory in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region.

The Donbas was one of four regions that Putin illegally declared as part of Russia in the autumn at a staged Kremlin ceremony.

However, Russia’s army has been unable to take full control of the region and is currently engaged in a brutal fight with Ukrainian forces.

Despite months of heavy artillery bombardments and infantry attacks on Bakhmut, Putin’s soldiers have only been able to make incremental gains around the city.

The attack on Bakhmut has been spearheaded by the Wagner militia, a private army loyal to the Kremlin and fronted by a close business associate of the Russian President – Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Conditions on the Bakhmut front have been likened to those last seen during the First World War.

Both sides are reported to have sustained massive casualties, as they fight themselves to a standstill.

Western analysts remain puzzled as to why Putin and his generals are expending so much of their military firepower and resources on a city that is viewed as being of little strategic significance.

Source : Express United Kingdom