The Prime Minister Inspects The South of Tajikistan: He Checks The Banks of The Rivers


Tajik Prime Minister Kokhir Rasulzoda traveled to Khatlon region today to get acquainted with the progress of bank protection works.

In Kulyab and Vose district, the prime minister got acquainted with the state of pumping stations and the progress of bank protection works on the banks of the Yohsu and Surkhob rivers.

He instructed the local authorities to step up work to strengthen the banks of the rivers.

In the Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadoni district, Kokhir Rasulzoda also got acquainted with the state of pumping stations, the progress of bank protection works on the Pyanj River.

It was emphasized that the length of the Pyanj River in the region is 25 kilometers, and at present more than 10 thousand plates are reserved to strengthen the coast, 6 pieces of equipment are involved in the work.

He was informed that in order to provide households with irrigation water in the future in the districts of Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadoni, Farkhor and Vose, construction of a sedimentary reservoir continues on an area of ​​36 hectares. Kokhir Rasulzoda instructed the builders to put the facility into operation in a timely manner.

In addition, the prime minister visited the town of Urtabuz, where  pumping stations  were renovated as part of the Water Resources Management in the Pyanj River Basin project of the Agency for Land Management and Irrigation.

In general, today about 5,200 hectares of land are irrigated due to the operation of Urtabuza pumping stations. The modernization of the facility contributed to the improvement of operations, reduction of energy consumption and increase in the capacity of the stations.

Then Rasulzoda visited the Farkhor region. He was informed that this year the farmers of Farkhor had sown cotton on an area of ​​9650 hectares.

The Prime Minister was also presented with the project “Electricity Service for Settlements in Khatlon Region” and was informed that 64 villages will be provided with electricity in Shamsiddin Shokhin, Farkhor and Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadoni districts, and so far the process is underway in 5 villages.

With the participation of Rasulzoda, a school for 960 places per shift was commissioned in Farkhor.

Source: Asia Plus