The Ministry of Energy said that Ukraine will Develop Nuclear Energy


Ukraine will develop nuclear energy, taking into account military risks and threats.

According to the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, Minister of Energy German Galushchenko spoke about this during a visit to one of the country’s nuclear power plants.

“Of course, we will develop nuclear energy, build new units. But now the issue of the security of energy facilities is becoming acute. During the construction of nuclear power plants, no one had previously taken into account the possibility of a military attack. The war of Russia against Ukraine, the occupation and shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant showed that the future development nuclear energy must take into account military threats, and Ukraine will develop solutions that will increase the level of protection of nuclear facilities from the threats of military aggression and rocket attacks,” Galushchenko stressed.

He noted that Ukraine will strategically focus on further development and increase in the volume of nuclear generation.

Massive missile attack on December 16
Russia carried out a massive missile attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure for the ninth time. As a result of Russian missile strikes, more than 50% of the consumption of the interconnected energy system was lost and an emergency was declared in the energy system.

The Russian Federation has been striking Ukraine’s energy infrastructure since October. As a result of a missile attack on November 23 at the Rivne, South Ukrainian and Khmelnytsky nuclear power plants, emergency protection was triggered due to shelling, due to which all power units of the nuclear power plant were turned off. Nuclear power plants are gradually restoring their capacities. On December 11, Energoatom reported that in the near future it is planned to launch after restoration another power unit of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant, damaged as a result of an enemy missile attack in November.

Source: Unian