Kosovo’s KEK Contracts IMK Balkan Project for Geotechnical Studies for 100 MW PV Plant


Kosovo’s energy corporation, KEK, said on Thursday it signed a 195,000 euro ($211,855) contract with local company IMK Balkan Project for geotechnical studies for a planned 100 MW photovoltaic (PV) plant, Solar4Kosovo, in the Obiliq area near the capital Pristina.

The contract envisages a geotechnical, seismological and hydrological analysis on the location of the planned PV plant, at the site of Kosovo A thermal power plant, KEK said in a contract signing notice.

The studies should be completed within 60 days.

Around 104.5 million euro will be invested in Solar4Kosovo plant, including a 32.8 million euro grant by the EU’s Western Balkans Investment Fund (WBIF), the fund said earlier. Germany’s development bank KFW is extending a 29 million euro loan and EU’s lending arm – the European Investment Bank – is lending 32.6 million euro to the project.

IMK Balkan Project specializes in studies, research, design and supervision, and various laboratory services involving geotechnical, geological, hydrological, geophysical, seismic examinations, as well as environmental protection, electrical measurements, and material testing for construction purposes, according to its website.

Source : Seenews