Kosovo Presses Montenegro Not to Allow Serbia to Sell its Assets


Kosovo was not part of the agreement on succession issues of the Yugoslav federation – and is struggling to stop Serbia selling off the remaining assets of its socially-owned enterprises in Montenegro.

Kosovo’s Privatisation Agency, KPA, has for a second time asked Montenegro’s Real Estate Administration to halt a contract signed between Serbia’s Liquidation and Bankruptcy Unit and a Bosnian citizen, Andjela Sekulovic, for the sale of six properties that belonged to a socially owned Kosovo enterprise.

The enterprise was also registered under the real estate administration in Podgorica.

According to KPA, the socially owned enterprise “Kosova Export-Butcher”, based in Fushe Kosovo/Kosovo Polje, was informed on April 5 that the Transport and Production Enterprise DD “Klanica”, based in Kraljevo, Serbia, and Serbia’sLiquidation and Bankruptcy Unit, had signed an agreement for the sale of Klanica’s assets to Sekulovic on March 4.

In its complaint, the KPA said that it is unlawful for Serbia’s Liquidation and Bankruptcy Unit to act on behalf of a Kosovo enterprise.

“‘Klanica’ is a fictitious enterprise registered in 1998 as a joint-stock company by its Serbian management during Serbia’s repressive rule [in Kosovo]. Legally, its only owner is the Kosovo Privatization Company,” the KPA told BIRN.

But KPA officials say they are facing legal challenges because of a lack of documents, due to the decade of Serbian repressive rule over Kosovo, after it abolished Kosovo’s autonomy and subsequently changed the status of many Kosovo socially-owned enterprises.

Source : Balkaninsight