Europe Unprepared for War With Russia and Could Be Dismantled Like the Holy Roman Empire


Europe is not ready for war with an aggressive Russia and risks being “washed away” in a conflict, like how Napoleon dismantled the Holy Roman Empire, warns Germany’s pre-eminent military historian Sönke Neitzel, The Times reported on Nov. 30.

Several German generals also suggested during a high-level defense conference in Berlin that NATO might be unable to win the “first battle” in a defensive war on its eastern flank because it would struggle to quickly deploy enough troops and equipment to the front line, the article states.

Neitzel described logistics as a ‘nightmare’ and said that neither the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) nor the German economy is prepared for war with Russia. The necessary preparations could take at least 15 years, he said.

NATO countries called Russia the biggest security threat in their communiqué following the Vilnius summit in July but stressed the alliance “does not seek confrontation.”

Source : Yahoo