Europa’s slide to the Right


After the 2024 shock and the French elites are breaking into shell shock over the European Parliament outcome Europa’s slide to the right continues. The Christian Democrats remain firmly in power although the future of Van der Leyen and ilk is uncertain. The election had a few surprises, mainly the center left Renew Europe and the Non-attached Members (NI) and Others group. The pose with 12.50% an outlier. 

The ultra-right groups grouped at the Identity and Democracy Group (ID) although a minor group in the European Parliament, locally surprised many. In France, the ID block has the majority seats (30). On the contrary, in Germany the Non-attached members captured 17 seats. In both Sweden and Finland, the Christian Democrats under the EPP holding the balance of seats. Each secures 4/5 seats.

In Poland the far right won overwhelming control. The EPP and ECR combined secured out of 53 available seats, 43 seats. In Hungary the majority went to non-aligned members. 

Countries in the global south, or on the fringes of Europe has a stronger left wing, independent voting pattern whereas the global south, like Portugal or Spain displays stronger leftists’ association. Slovenia, Hungary, or Bulgaria is more independently voting. 

Whatever the outcome might be the European Parliament has now a stronger voice of dissent. Depending on who gets the top job the ‘administrators’ are likely to get jobless. And as an observer of the parliamentary scene said, “this is a good thing, is it not?”